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It has been an eventful 2012. There has been considerable change in the Irish Construction Industry and we are proud to say that our Facade Specialist business model remains robust and growing.

We are still leading the field as Facade Specialists, although on a much compacted level. Our business model reflects current trends and we have adapted to suit new types of façade requirements.

This year we have undertaken a number of façade upgrades, mostly from projects completed in the early 1990s some as far back as 1980 and some completed more recently. Each of these represents a niche market and for 2013 we would hope to develop these further. Façade upgrades, alterations and remedial are challenging and of interest to us so please continue to send your enquiries. We have access to every type of façade system from the majority of system suppliers.

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Our core activities of design manufacture and installation has been extended to consultancy services following Fred’s MSc in Façade Engineering in December 2011. We would like to grow this area in 2013 so please forward your enquiry. Façade risk and project management is our strength.

We would like to thank all of our customers and suppliers who remain a vital part of our business strategy. We look forward to the years ahead and our vision for greater collaboration within the façade industry. We wish to broaden our network of technical specialists and seek contact with like-minded individuals both at home and abroad.

Frederick Trenaman MSc Façade Engineering.

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