Refurbishment in Dublin Airport

Congratulations to Sammon Contracting for its successful refurbishment in Dublin Airport

ADT Facade Solutions would like to congratulate Sammon Contracting on the successful refurbishment in Dublin Airport of the PCB building and welcome Aer Lingus to their new Corporate headquarters.

Facade upgrading

Refurbished Entrance at DAA, Dublin

The role of ADT Facade Solutions, as Façade Refurbishment Specialists,  was to design, manufacture and install the hanging aluminium facade to this refurbished precast clad building.

We were active participants in the design and build team for the refurbishment in Dublin Airport. We put physical structure to the initial architectural intent and winning bid for this refurbishment project.

Looking back nine months later, this Integrated Facade solution has been successfully completed on time, within budget with a satisfied Corporate Client.

Projects such as these demonstrate the complexity facing designers considering refurbishing an existing façade.  Whether it is repair, replacement or overcladding, we can help you through the façade design and construction.

If you are considering the detail design of your glass facade give us a call to discuss the best solution for your project. Contact us directly at +353 (1) 464 2970 / +353 86 270 7415

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Frederick Trenaman MSc Façade Engineering, Dip Arch

New Entrance, DAA

New Entrance, DAA

Link to adjoining building, DAA

Link to adjoining building, DAA

front elevation2

Refurbished elevation, DAA

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