Integrated facade solution for precast building

Integrated Facade solutions for refurbishment of existing building

DAA Before

DAA before refurbishment

As Façade Refurbishment Specialists, the role of ADT Façade Solutions was to design, manufacture and install an integrated facade solution  to this refurbished precast clad building.

Working with an existing precast 1970s concrete framed building brings many challenges at each and every stage of its refurbishment, starting initially with the concept through design, construction to project realisation.

The result is an aesthetically pleasing hanging aluminium facade system with Brise Soleil. There are many reasons for façade refurbishment, and, in the coming articles, we will share our technical experiences on this particular project with useful guidelines and considerations for future projects

DAA after Refurbishment

DAA after Refurbishment

To demonstrate the complexity facing Designers considering refurbishing an existing façade whether it is repair, replacement or overcladding, we will set out  key requirements, we experienced on this project under the headings of Façade design and construction.

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Frederick Trenaman MSc Façade Engineering, Dip Arch

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