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Creative + Strategic Design – Facade Architecture and Cladding Engineering

ADT Facade Architecture + Cladding Engineering (FA+CE) has a proven ability to create innovative façade solutions. We work closely with our clients and construction teams to realise creative and strategic designs. Our Facade Architecture and Cladding Engineering solutions can assist you in realising ambitious architectural visions while optimising the performance and design life of cladding materials and construction.

The application of our Facade Architecture and Cladding Engineering techniques enables us to transform architectural creativity into practical reality. Our unique approach to envelope design is Architectural Façade Engineering based. We are masters in “the art of resolving aesthetic, environmental and structural issues to achieve the enclosure of a habitable space”.

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Value-Adding Engineering Solutions

The Facade Envelope makes a major contribution to the sustainability of a building, influencing both energy efficiency and the quality of the internal climate. It is also an integral part of the building’s aesthetic, complementing the structural form and defining its visual impact on the urban environment.
Our Facade Architecture and Cladding engineering approach uses a rigorous methodology to resolve these inter-connected issues to provide Value-Adding Engineering Solutions.

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School Facade design


This School Facade designed by ADT Facade Solutions houses the IT block of a busy school. This School Facade has many architectural glazing features, including an atrium, ribbon curtain wall glazing, trespa rain-screen, zinc cladding, recessed aluminum cladding, architectural louvers.
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Architectural roof-lights

Architectural Roof-lights by ADT Facade Solutions

Architectural Roof-lights by ADT Facade Solutions

Architectural roof-lights

This roof-light glazing  project by ADT Facade Solutions makes a significant different to the quality of this architectural atrium space.

The roof-light glazing is an important part of this atrium, what was previously a disused external courtyard space is now the focal point of gathering of the entire school.