Glass Aesthetics: To Frit or not to Frit

As Architects and Facade designers we  place great important in getting the glass aesthetics of our facades just right. In this short blog we focus on when considering glass aesthetics fritting of double glazed units should be reviewed at the design and detailing stage of a project.

Image 1: Fritted glass unit

Image 1: Fritted unit

What is fritting you ask?

Fritting is defined as the ceramic painting of the inside face of the outer pane.

Why is it an important consideration in glass aesthetics and detailing of your glass facade?

Image 1 shows an installation of a fritted unit. The purpose of fritting is enhance glass aesthetics by creating an even finish externally that hides the silicon seal and spacer bar and to provide protection to the seal of the unit against ultraviolet rays.


Image 2: Non fritted unit

Image 2: Non fritted unit

Image 2 shows the glass aesthetics of a double glazed unit which is not fritted. As can be seen the finish to the edge of the glass is unsightly and the edge seal is unprotected.


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