Façade Refurbishment

Façade Refurbishment of an existing building can be extremely challenging.  Today, more than ever, Designers and Contractors are faced many challenges.  Balancing onerous interrelated design and construction issues against managing the different types of construction risk must often be done in a tight time frame and budget.

Façade Refurbishment Renovation of existing building

DAA Building before Renovation

Façade Refurbishment

DAA facade after Refurbishment

Approaching Façade refurbishment correctly is critical to meeting the demands of a changing commercial and global market, where time is of the essence.

Existing buildings have a unique advantage over new build. The envelope and structure already exist.  Very often, however, they need to be modernised sensitively to compete with the more environmental friendly and recently constructed buildings.

Façade Refurbishment- How We Help?

At ADT Façade Solutions, key to all of our façade refurbishment projects is our Integrated Façade Project Management Plan.

Each plan is project specific. This is an essential ingredient to our value engineering and risk management approach.

Our value engineering approach is tailored to meet client requirements. The scope of our brief can extend from façade repair to replacement and overcladding of existing structures and new extensions.

Façade Refurbishment and Risk Management

Unforeseen events can often arise during the refurbishment process.  It is for this reason, we are strong advocates of early design participation.  We have seen first hand the benefits in identifying such risks early. This helps to accurately model our value engineering approach.

In the last 18 to 24 months, we have carried out a number of interesting façade refurbishment projects, of varying scales and complexity.  We would be happy to share our knowledge with those seeking advice.

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