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 ADT Facade Solutions Procurement strategy

The external building envelope is a critical area of a building’s design, with ADT Façade Solutions playing a vital role in bringing the architect’s vision to life. New cladding materials and processing techniques are continually being developed in the search for better facade performance, making the design and procurement of the building envelope a highly technical and complex process – yet one that is still immensely imaginative.

ADT Facade Solutions facade envelopes act as filters between the climate outside and the conditioned space inside, our designs determine the appearance of the building and there performance relies on appropriate specification, design and delivery of a multitude of components and systems.

Such demanding environmental and performance complexity requires a collaborative design approach to technical risk management through project procurement. Not always easy to achieve in modern day supply chains but ADT Facade Solutions pride themselves in their ability to interface with other disciplines enabling us to procure each aspect of the façade more efficiently than any other façade specialist.

ADT Facade Soutions advises clients on the best way to develop, design and procure the building envelope, using our knowledge of the full supply chain to provide high level technical advice across the whole design process, including the choice of materials and systems. The ADT Facade Solutions primary goal  is to achieve a cost-effective, viable design solution that provides top performance at the lowest possible risk.

With sustainability now a key regulatory requirement, the ADT Facade Solutions network of Facade Specialists enables us to carefully analyse the environmental ‘behaviour’ of different facade designs using advanced techniques such as thermal modeling, wind analysis, acoustic design, solar and glare studies.

Combining ADT Facade Solutions technical knowledge of natural ventilation, shading and daylighting systems with environmental factors such as solar gain, wind flow and weather proofing we are able to deliver well built, high performance facades that provide superb occupant comfort with much reduced energy and running costs.

Laois na Og

Laois na Og, Ranelagh 2010: Procurement route influenced by project scale and complexity

Heineken Ireland

Heineken Ireland: Procurement route influenced by project requirements

Project Management

The efficiency with which a Façade is project managed during its project cycle can often be the difference between a profit and a loss. Defining task, setting critical milestones, achieving deadlines, managing risk and maintaining the client’s confidence throughout the project cycle is mission critical to our project management strategy.

The ADT Facade Solutions Project Management strategy is an active process; ADT Facade Solutions  employ it diligently throughout each and every project we undertake. Each project is broken down into stages. Within each stage there are many different activities to manage, many of which are interdependent and rely on information flow. We see ourselves as excellent communicators whilst acknowledging the challenges and difficulties facing our customers as they strive to successfully complete a project, working to a programme and agreed budget.

Façade risk mitigation through design

Balbriggan 2009: 6000 sqm of curtain walling, six months from design to practical completion.

Our common sense approach to workpackaging enables us to tailor our procurement strategy to suit the needs of our customers. We achieve this through frequent project meetings and discussion enabling greater overall coordination of the scope of works.
We have extensive experience in all of these areas and offer this to our clients as a total project management service or part thereof. Our Project Management services as follows.

  • Conceptual studies.
  • Outline and Substantive feasibility studies.
  • Outline and full conceptual design proposals
  • Coordinated tendering, design, procurement and performance services
  • Programming production information and scheduling
  • Construction assembly and workpackage management.
  • Maintenance and safety.
  • Handover and snagging.
  • Remedial and repair.

Risk Management

As with all undertaken ADT FA+CE projects, the more we are exposed to the project, the more we can help. Exposure to projects during the early design stages will enable our team to identify technical and commercial risks early, anticipate potential impact, and then advise on the best option to mitigate them.

Central to every project we deliver, are robust and effective project development and delivery plans. We are good at risk mapping and recognize the importance of integrating our activities as a complete design, manufacture and installation package with related sub-contractor workpackages and construction activities.

Through a process referred to as Failure Mode Effective Analysis FMEA we critically appraise, evaluate every activity and process we undertake in-house or engage in on- site. We reduce the risk of failure by:

  • Identifying potential failure modes and failure causes of cladding primary and secondary components and interfaces so that no aspect of performance or cause of failure remains un-checked. (Risk Identification).
  • Prioritize the importance given to primary and secondary components and interfaces according to likelihood and impact. (Risk Analysis).
  • Finally we examine the severity of the event which enables to put in place design risk preventative measures. By doing so our value engineering approach considers not just the initial impact but the overall whole life cycle taking consideration of maintenance, repair, remedial.

Façade Risk Management

Façade Risk Management: Glass designed to reduce the risk of fracture and its impact

Façade risk mitigation through design

Façade Risk Mitigation through design: the face glass is Heat Soak tested, despite this the inside face of this toughened laminated pane has fractured, an example of Nickel sulphide inclusion

We specialise in the following:

  • Establishment and articulation of project briefs and objectives
  • Deriving overall plans for the development and delivery of the project
  • Procurement of consultant teams and other specialist advisors ( legal, financial, etc)
  • Coordination and control of consultant team activities
  • Coordination and management of design processes against project programme and budgets
  • Coordination and control of consents, notices, permits and licensing requirements for the construction and operational use of the project
  • Management of project budgets
  • Procurement of contractors and suppliers for delivery and long term operation and maintenance
  • Act as employer’s agent
  • Provision of executive and project level progress reporting and advice

Consultancy Services

  • Facade Consultancy
  • Facade Project Management
  • Glass & Glazing Consultancy
  • Tender & Contract Reviews
  • Logistical Assessments
  • Project Initiations
  • Drawing / Design Reviews
  • Installation Assessments
  • Extension of Time Claims
  • Material Specification Reviews
  • Failure Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Performance Test Attendance
  • Risk Assessments
  • Insurance Assessments
  • Design Calculations
  • Court / Witness Services
  • Health & Safety Evaluations
  • Quality Management
  • Defect / Rectification Management
  • Injury / Accident Dispute Claims
  • Glass Handling / Processing
  • Loss Adjustment
  • Bespoke Glazing Consultancy

Our Clients Include

  • Facade Companies / Consultants
  • Glass & Glazing Companies
  • Property Developers / Management
  • Main Contractors
  • Architects & Advisors
  • Police Forces / Lawyers
  • Loss Adjusters / Insurance Co’s

Skills Profile

  • Extensive Industry Experience
  • Proven Commercial Track Record
  • High Rise Logistical Expertise
  • Expert Contractual Knowledge
  • Solid AutoCAD Experience
  • Vast Installation Experience
  • Bespoke Glazing Background
  • Specialist Glass Knowledge
  • Extensive Industry Contacts
  • First Class Client Interaction
  • Vast International Experience
  • Clear & Logical Management
  • Solid Contract Management
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Thorough Organisational Skills
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Delay Mitigation
  • EOT Assessment & Production
  • Acceleration Assessments
  • High Computer Literacy
  • Commercial Integrity
  • Traditional Glazing Expertise
  • Heritage Certificated
  • Solid Industry Grounding

Installed & Managed

  • Unitized & Stick Curtain Wall
  • Bespoke Structural Glazing
  • Composite Cladding
  • Roof & Canopy Screens
  • Decorative Glass Packages
  • Bespoke Metalwork Packages
  • Glass Floors & Stairs
  • Glass Lift Shafts
  • Oversized Sheer Glass Walls
  • Complete Internal Packages
  • Glass Water Features
  • Automatic Door-Sets
  • Glass Swimming Pools
  • Steel Packages
  • Glass / Aluminium Louvers
  • Solar Shades