Glass and Glazing Defects

Glass Defect

Common Glass Defect

ADT Façade Solutions have extensive experience in Façade Design and our background in facade architecture and cladding engineering provides us with unique technical knowledge of almost every type of glazing defect.

Glass is potentially very strong, however its strength is reduced by the presence of invisibly small defects.The breakage of glass  can also impair the safety, security and comfort of a building.  The causes of glass breakage can be varied and we can help identify and minimise its re-occurrence.

How can we help with your glass and glazing defects?

Common Glazing Defects

Common Glazing defects

 If you have an issue, such as a glass breakage, that has recently happened or that remains unresolved (like the inappropriate use of materials) and seek practical and technical direction, we would be happy to assist and prepare either a technical report.

We can assist in matching and installing replacement panes of glass or glass units and prepare an estimate for replacement.

We welcome domestic and commercial enquiry’s for all types of Architectural Facade and Cladding Engineering projects and its associated glazing products..

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