Point Fixed Glazing solution



Interface Drawings:

Facade Fenestration

Tapered Fin detail

Frameless glass corner

Glass to steel fin connection

Glass prep details

Project description:

This Point fixed glazing solutions  is an important expression of the clients corporate identity and as such makes an important statement to those visiting and working within this industrial facility.

Organisations today set out to create the right image that reflects their business values. This high value yet relatively small in area, double glazed point fixed glazing façade  sets the background to an important event, creating the right environment for all those who enter into this industrial manufacturing facility.

This point fixed glazing system frames an important waiting space and as such must  be comfortable and relaxing.

Daylight and moderate solar gain are two important considerations in comfort modelling of this point fixed glazing solution.

The fenestration detailing of this point fixed glazing façade solution looks relatively simple in hindsight but the challenge at the time was the accuracy of its primary supporting structure. The following experiences will be helpful to those who wish to construct point fixed glazing solutions. Parameters to consider:

  • Setting out discrepancies of the raking steel columns at the corners were resolved by adjusting the length of the articulated bolts fixings.
  • Secondary steel fixing cleats were increased in height to allow for fixing holes to be drilled on site.
  • The position of the porch enclosure secondary steel structure in plan and section was detailed so that the external stainless cladding masked any possible variation in opening setting out.
  • Preformed stainless 316 grade u-channels should be designed to accommodate vertical building movement (live and dead loads), possible uplift etc.
  • Incorporating an internal porch, revolving door, automatic sliding door requires a lot of discussion with the occupant and should never be taken too lightly.
  • Looking at the fenestration, the vertical joints read wider than the horizontal joints. This is because the face glass is stepped to allow the 20mm toughened laminate fin sit into the stepped unit and be structurally bonded to the external pane. This was because the design wind loading was onerous and at 2400 pa well in excess of what is normally required. It is important when undertaking façade solutions of this nature that the envelope reflects the target market.

ADT FA+CE have extensive experience in this type of point fixed glazing solution for both new-build and refurbishment projects. We also carry out repairs and remedial items of primary and secondary components of point fixed glazing facades

The following is the Façade Systems supplier we worked with on this project:

Carey Glass International

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