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ADT Facade Architecture + Cladding Engineering (FA+CE) has a proven ability to create innovative and systemised façade solutions. We work closely with our clients and construction teams to realise creative and strategic designs that realise ambitious architectural visions while optimising the performance and design life of cladding materials and construction.

The application of our ADT FA+CE techniques enables us to transform architectural creativity into practical reality. Our unique approach to envelope design is grounded in Architectural Façade Engineering.

We are masters in “the art of resolving aesthetic, environmental and structural issues to achieve the enclosure of a habitable space”.


Scale is not an issue to us; Each and every project, small or big is important to us. We understand that no two façade projects are alike; we acknowledge that each project has a unique set of priorities/challenges and our design and construction approach is tailored to suit.
Palmerston; for example, a small new build extension, frameless glazing, small in area but high in monetary value illustrates our design and construction contribution on a small scale domestic scale.

Technical façade details are bespoke to this project and include the following interfaces:

  • The integration detail between the thermally broken st 60 rebated doors/ windows to frameless glazing.
  • The detail between vertical frameless glazing with horizontal glass flooring.
  • The detail between the overhead roller shading and ceiling detail.
  • Balustrades and stairs details.
  • Fritting, internal/external overlap details.
  • Stainless steel details.


Palmerston: Frameless glazing to balustrade / glass floor interface


Palmerston: Frameless glazing to glass floor interface

Fidelity Citywest, on the other hand is an example of a large scale commercial development with a totally different set of challenges. Its fenestration is systemised comprising of stick curtain walling and ribbon glazing. Construction interfaces are standard.
Our practical experience spanning 25 years enables us to manage several façade and cladding contracts of varying size and scale simultaneously.

Fidelity Citywest

Fidelity Citywest

Performance Requirements

Our design experience incorporates our practical and technical knowledge of natural ventilation, shading and daylighting systems with environmental factors such as solar gain, wind flow and weather proofing so that we are able to deliver well built, high performance facades that provide superb occupant comfort with much reduced energy and running costs.

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This can be seen in our diverse project portfolio. Lakeside drive for example is similar in scale and funcition to Fidelity but it has a very different set of priorities originating from its architectural form to mix mode environmental strategy.
Our cladding supply chain enables us to access every type of architectural fenestration glass cladding and façade related product.

Lakeside Drive

Lakeside Drive

Façade Risk Management in Design Development

Our strategy is to use our in-house FA+CE knowledge to manage risk in the technical design /procurement and construction of innovative and systemised façade solutions.

Our practical and academic training in Architectural Façade Engineering encompassing structure to integrity, physics and materials provides a solid grounding to our management of risk in the creative development of a project.

We have an extensive network of facade specialists and consultants which complement our strength in architecture and façade engineering. Design Collaboration is an important part of our risk management strategy.

As we compliment design professionals in the design and construction process, we likewise frequently engage specialists on a consultancy basis to minimize risk exposure to all concerned.

In this way knowledge, we actively bridge knowledge gaps between related disciplines within the cladding supply chain leading to product longevity and enhanced life in service.

There are always plenty of technical risk issues to resolve in a very demanding timeframe. Our in-depth knowledge of key current technical issues and our ability to source enables us to be excellent problem solvers in the procurement of bespoke façade solutions.

Occasionally, an architectural brief is outside our brief, for example the double glazed externally glass floor in Ailesbury road required structural engineering calculations from which the finalized design was developed and constructed.

Our expertise in detailing and procurement was in this instance enhanced through design collaboration within our supply chain.

Ailesbury Road

Ailesbury Road: Glass Overlap Detail

Design Participation

Our design participation plays a pivotal in the construction of all our facade projects as we actively project manage its physical, contractual and organisational interfaces throughout its procurement. Our project management approach is hands on and we belief that robust design and construction requires communication and coordination.

Work package management and buildability are key consideration in our creative assembly of architectural façade fenestrations.

Shop-front, Dame street

Shop-front, Dame street

We enjoy the challenges that every projects brings. Our youthful enthusiasm and passion to delight our customers knows no limits. We are the Specialist Façade Contractor to come to if you wish to realise your architectural intent.


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