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The Facade Envelope makes a major contribution to the sustainability of a building, influencing both energy efficiency and the quality of the internal climate. It is also an integral part of the building’s aesthetic, complementing the structural form and defining its visual impact on the urban environment.

ADT FA+CE use a rigorous technical methodology to resolve these inter-connected issues to provide Value-Adding Engineering Solutions. Our value engineering approach seeks the best functional balance between cost, reliability and performance of our product on every project , whilst at the same time ensuring that façade risk is managed.

Our value engineering strategy is simple and comprises of three simple parameters.

1. Business Model and Corporate Strategy

The ADT FA+CE business model and corporate strategy is driven by project delivery; it is performance and business based. Our energy and passion is focused in securing value at every stage of its design and construction. Everything we do is underpinned by rigorous technical evaluation and robust detailed planning.
We do “more for less” as we strive to create an unrivalled service and reputation. We believe in integrated design through design collaboration.

2. Integrated Design and Delivery

The Value engineering services provided by ADT FA+CE are essential ingredients to a fully integrated design and delivery. Our disciplined approach maximises value for clients offering a broad technical approach which is needed to realise sustainable buildings with challenging programmes and budgets in a global market.

3. Design Collaboration

Early engagement of ADT FA+CE enables the greatest benefits and saving to be achieved in the development and conceptual design stages. The later we are appointed; the more difficult it becomes for us to implement real change and improvement as part of the overall package, however our flexibility in our design approach combined with our strong technical background provides savings in almost every aspect of what we do, benefiting all concerned.

The merit of design collaboration can be seen in the National Aquatic Centre, Active design consultation and coordination played a role in the buildability of the external glazing, secondary steelwork and interface design of related work packages.

Creative discussion and robust detailing translated the architectural intent to construction reality.

Examples of this can be seen in the design approach to the leisure pool and reception cone in the NAC:

  • In the leisure pool, vertical steel 200mm by 80mm rectangular steel sections span vertically at mullion centres providing secondary support to the vertical mullions, these are independent of the primary structure which stand outside of the glazing.

National Aquatic Centre

  • In the reception cone, the design and construction approach was different. Secondary horizontal beams were provided within the physical structure to provide secondary support to the intermediate inclined mullion.

National Aquatic Centre

How We Do It

Value Engineering plays an important part in what we do at FA+CE on a day to day basis, we see it as a powerful problem solving tool that can reduce costs whilst maintaining or improving performance requirements.

We have the creative ability to analyse, brainstorm and evaluate the merits of every design proposal so that when presented to the decision makers the correct solution is picked every time.

For example, the final fenestration of the frameless solution in Ballymount made best use of the structural steel frame. Simple engineering modifications to the steel frame resulted in a contemporary architectural façade fenestration .Savings made in the physical structure were then invested in the glazing configuration of the face glass.


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To achieve this, ADT FA+CE examined each and every aspect of the project and through discussion, design and cost appraisal select the most appropriate option that provides the best value without compromising project integrity and product longevity.

We commonly as part our value engineering approach prepare alternative designs with capital and/or life cycle comparisons. For example in Ballymount, point fixed with glass fins/ secondary steelwork (Clarion, Drogheda) were explored as possible options.

Clarion Hotel

Each proposal was supplemented by written descriptions, sketches, basic design concepts, technical information and cost summaries. Through design collaboration, the final fenestration was developed and constructed.

M2 Drogheda

Value Engineering at ADT FA+CE is not a one size fits all strategy. We see it as a useful tool at conceptual and brief stage to get a project started and focussed in the right direction.

We frequently reapply our Value Engineering strategy as the project develops, moving from initial concept development and feasibility to construction detailing, tendering, technical performance appraisal, procurement, contractual workpackage management etc.

The Hilton Project reflects this; examples were value engineering were applied as follows:

  • Aluminium balustrade connected to the curtain wall mullion reduced the number of workpackages, the cost of secondary steelwork etc.
  • Glazing configuration adjusted to suit the function reduced cost whilst improving performance.
  • Ribbon curtain walling in the penthouse areas provided a grounds on to which the zinc cladding is fixed.

Hilton Hotel

In making these simple changes as part of the procurement process, savings were realized and wastage reduced benefiting all concerned.

Our Value Engineering Objective

The ADT FA+CE Value Engineering strategy is to achieve a cost-effective, viable design solution that provides top performance at the lowest possible risk. We are strong advocates of whole life costing and endorse where possible the reinvestment of savings made in return for better environmental performance leading to less overall operational costs in service.

Our Clients trust our opinion because our approach is measured; we balancing all the essential ingredients, Quality is achieved by incorporating performance driven risk management as we believe in product longevity.

Key aspects of our value engineering strategy include:

  • Performance led design. Delivering facades that do what is required of them.
  • Excellence in design.
  • Risk Control.
  • Driving cost out.
  • Continuity in manufacturing and installation.
  • Attention to quality as the project becomes a physical reality.
  • Verifying performance.
  • Cladding performance.
  • Troubleshooting.


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