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The National Aquatic Centre (NAC) in Dublin is a fine example of our swimming pool glass facade solutions. This was the largest swimming pool glass facade glazing workpackage undertaken by ADT. The sheer scale of the project and the architectural massing of different functions enabled us to be creative and imaginative with the detailing of both the glazing fenestration and physical interface design. This project was complex and as always dictated by programme we actively coordinated related workpackages throughout the procurement process from inception to completion.

The glazing package itself was broken into zones. These included:

  • The external envelope of the swimming pool glass facade to the leisure pool. 12m high by 60 m wide, vertical faceted stick curtain walling.
  • All faceted curtain wailing into curved standard techcrete openings.
  • High level faceted curtain walling into cedar rainscreen.
  • The Octagonal Reception vertically raked glazing entrance area.
  • The Leisure octagon.
  • The lean to faceted glazing around the perimeter of the leisure pool.
  • The structurally bonded faceted oriel window.
  • The staircases and rainscreen cladding.
  • The high level and vertical tapered glazing to the diving area.
  • Internal poolside vision glazing and door screens.

The swimming pool environment played an important role in the selection of materials, glass and surface finishes for the swimming pool facade.

The glass specification was carefully considered in each zone:

  • Laminate was used in the swimming pool environment.
  • A solar control glass was used externally in the reception octagon to manage solar gain and compliment the mechanical ventilation.
  • Toughened glass was used throughout externally.
  • A clear double glazed polycarbonate double glazed unit was used in the overhead glazing to the diving pool area. The overhead roof was faceted and the head and base had a different radius which meant that as the roof turned, no two units were on the same plane. The glazing material had to be flexible which eliminated the use of glass.

This swimming pool glass facade project was successful as our approach and hands on experience in managing the construction process enabled the various workpackages to happen simultaneously. Our draughtsmen understand the importance of project coordination and the importance for direct communication with all relevant specialist contractors.

We pride ourselves in our technical ability to design and build affordable façade solutions. All our projects are analysed immediately from tender award and a critical path timeline is mapped so that decisions are taken at the right time in the procurement process enabling construction programme compliance.

Our practical experience of such environments provides us with a detail knowledge of the risks.

Download information: National aquatic centre

The following are the Façade Systems suppliers we worked with on this project:

APA SystemsWiconaCarey Glass International

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