Stick Curtain Walling Systems

Stick Curtain walling:
This  Stick Curtain walling façade envelope solution houses a signature building and for every Specialist Façade Contractor a worthy showpiece demonstrating different architectural façade fenestrations reflecting the client’s desire for a unique corporate identity.

The scope of this Wicona Stick Curtain walling system includes:

  • Bande Fillante sticks curtain walling system to main reception area.
  • Capped curtain walling  ystem to administration areas.
  • Punch-hole windows to store areas.
  • Atrium rooflight glazing and sides.
  • Projecting porch lobby.
  • Architectural cladding.
  • Frameless opening sashes.
  • Roof

Façade curtain walling system

The administration block is rectangular in plan, 50m long by 10m high; the external envelope facing the road is predominantly capped curtain walling with stone cladding infill. The stone rainscreen adds architectural depth and relief to the Wicona Capped Curtain walling envelope solution by breaking up its external appearance. The ratio of solid to void creates a unique façade rhythm, defining it as a landmark façade in its location.

The lower punch-hole windows sit into a preformed weathered opening with all external joints open to accommodate drainage and ventilation of the rain screen.

The rear punch-hole windows are fully integrated into composite cladding. Dedicated head cill and jamb profiles assuming the profile of architectural composite cladding.

Value engineering Façade Strategy

The Reception area is three storeys in height, located at the sites entrance, wrapping itself around the corner. Its Face glass is transparent welcoming visitors to this manufacturing facility.

This architectural space houses the exposed steel staircase and main circulation routes to the open plan offices. Clear vision glazing connects internal activities to the outside environment. This enhances occupant comfort and adds architectural interest to the façade.

This architectural Wicona Capped Curtain walling façade solution has an internal supporting steel structure with bespoke secondary midspan brackets. The as built façade solution was developed as part of an overall value engineering approach through the design and construction stage. Various combinations of structure solutions to façade fenestrations were analysed resulting in a semi frameless flush glazing solution.

Externally, the Wicona Capped Curtain walling solution has a strong horizontal emphasis. This has been achieved by an externally applied bull nose capping commonly referred to as “Bande Fillante”. Captivating the insulated glazing units horizontally at transom level enabled the vertical joints to be silicon sealed and fritted without structural clamps.

Glazing Configuration

The glazing configuration comprises of clear /low e glazing for optimum heat retention and maximum light transmission in the administration areas. Shading provided by surface mounted internal blinds. Spandrels are located at intermediate floor and roof service levels. Insulated internally on face 4 with 100mm phenolic insulation, the increased u-value plays is an important factor in the overall thermal calculations of the envelope. All insulated units have warm edge spacer bars reducing linear thermal transmittances at façade interfaces.

A neutral hard coated solar glass is used in the reception area to control solar gain whilst achieving maximum light transmission. This hard coated glass is fritted at the stepped glass to glass corner joint and intermediate joints.

All Insulated units are toughened to reduce the risk of thermal fracture.

Atrium Glazing

The atrium links the administration to the warehouse facility. It is 30m long by 6m wide; sides are 6m wide by 10m tall. Again, Value engineering was an important part of the solution. The lean to internal bow trusses with secondary rails and bespoke fixing cleats were designed in conjunction with the roofing framing system. Cost and performance were driving factors in the final as built solution reflecting the design teams desire to detail and value engineer at every stage

The sloped roof glazing configuration comprises of clear toughened/ low e laminated glass. Its performance focuses on heat retention. Overheating from solar gain is managed by day to day rooflight opening sashes.

Download information here: Phillips

The following are the Façade Systems suppliers we worked with on this project:

APA SystemsWicona

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