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Facade Fenestration layout

Set out glazing

Project description:

We have extensive design and construction experience in the Architectural Façade Engineering of bespoke one-off residential houses. This project demonstrates an interesting volumetric use of void to solid in its use of architectural glazing and material use.

Architecturally the Façade Fenestration is layered through use of material and glazing fenestration, our products included:

  • Structurally Sealant Glazing (SSG) system.
  • Picture frame aluminium punch-hole windows.
  • Aluminium sliding door system.
  • Rooflight glazing system.
  • Balustrade glazing.

The ground floor fenestration wraps around the three sides of the envelope creating a direct visual relationship between the inside and the outside. Steps in levels of the architectural façade glazing solution reflect internal hierarchy activity whilst maximising passive features such as solar gain, light transmittance, natural ventilation etc. Playing an important role in the overall Energy strategy of this envelope solution.

Recesses in the envelope fabric add depth to the façade creating a series of interesting internal and external vistas, linking daily living to outdoor living.

This contemporary approach to façade glazing and cladding is typical of a growing trend in modern architectural design; this architect has brought life to an otherwise monotonous vernacular suburban house extension.

Floor to ceiling glazing in this instance has a positive influence on occupant comfort. Benefits of good design in architectural façade glazing are as follows:

  • Deeper light penetration into a large space.
  • Direct visual contact between internal and external activities.
  • Maximises passive features to control internal environmental conditions.
  • Reduce Energy consumption.

Our experience in Architectural Façade Engineering enables to detail every construction and glazing interface. We take pride in developing bespoke interface solutions working with new materials and finishes. We believe in active design collaboration and enjoy working through new and innovative façade solutions.

Face Glass

The Face glass design adds to the contemporary architectural expression, the solution is characterised by vertical flush glass joints, stepped corner glass, all fritted to face two for enhanced durability and visual aesthetics.

An inserted toggled within the cavity of the Insulated Glazed Unit clamps the glass to the internal stick framing member. The external 20mm vertical flush glass joint detail is pointed in Dow corning 791.

Fritting and silicon pointing are black in colour contrasting the metallic light grey framing members which run at head and cill of capped curtain walling.

Façade Risk Management

Degradation of exposed perimeter edge seals of insulated glazing managed by careful detailing of glass joints. Degradation by ultraviolet light managed by fritting face two of the external pane. The insulated units are silicon sealed and its ingredients compatible with the external silicon glazing.

Linear thermal transmittance of insulated glazing at flush joints are managed by the use of warm edge spacer bars.
All face glass is toughened to manage the risk of thermal fracture.

Ventilation Features

The Large lift and slide sliding door system is fully integrated as is the eco casement sashes. The sliding doors open to the garden allowing its nature to become part of daily living. Projects like this are inspirational and important influencers in good design. Sliding door systems are increasing popular in modern contemporary design. Our sliding door systems can be configured to suit almost every architectural façade fenestration.

Our façade portfolio demonstrates on unique approach to Specialist Façade Contracting and Consultancy.

The following are the Façade Systems suppliers we worked with on this project:

ReynaersCarey Glass International

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