Blackrock College

Architectural Form and Expression by Linking and Detailing Different Fenestrations

Architectural Form and Expression optimised by Linking and Detailing Different Fenestrations

Hanging Wall

Hanging Wall

Bring Together New and Old

Bringing together of new and old.

Structural Sealant Glazing

Structural Sealant Glazing

Rooflight Glazing

Rooflight Glazing

Mix Mode Approach

Mix Mode Approach

Interior Space

Blackrock College, completed in 2007 is a very good example of what we do best. We excel in working with different architectural fenestrations and are masters in Facade assembly incorporating design, manufacture and installation.

Working with the architect and main contractor from an early stage was great because we were able to set out each interface and construction detail. Jointly setting out levels and structural openings enabled us to deliver the entire façade before the envelope was fully formed. By coordinating different workpackages, we were able to proceed confidently with the knowledge that every related discipline was project managed, reducing the risk of any critical element been overlooked or inadequately designed.

Detailing this building encompassed and surpassed the following challenges. Typical merits are as follows.

  • Detailing interfaces between different fenestrations to achieve architectural intent.
  • Detailing glazing to different interface conditions, taking account of different structures and materials. These include trespa rainscreen, zinc cladding, stone cladding, cavity wall construction, existing interfaces, composite roofing and trocal roofing.
  • Designing and detailing interfaces to take account of building movement,( relationship between new and old), thermal, building tolerance, construction tolerance, deflections etc.
  • Agreeing sizes ahead of on-site construction.
  • Setting out levels and opening widths to critical areas ahead of subcontractor appointment.
  • Site survey and communication, trouble shooting and problem solving.

This project showcases the following architectural fenestrations.

  • Our picture frame, bi-modular cassette system.
  • Structurally Sealant glazing (SSG), toggled.
  • Bimodular Cedar cassette panels.
  • Integrated bi-modular Louvers, continuous horizontal blades.
  • Curved architectural cladding.
  • Bay windows with preformed roof and soffit flashings.
  • Brisesoleil, cabled structure
  • Profiled aluminium channels.
  • Automatic opening devices.
  • Pressed Aluminium flashings to window cills and soffits

Bi-Modular Cassette System

The Bi-Modular Cassette System was used throughout the classroom block; this type of system maintains the same sightline for fixed and opening cassettes. Externally the visual appearance is that of a picture frame effect. Each picture frame has a 20mm face width; the intermediate joint is recessed 20mm wide also. Cassettes are internally glazed wrap around framing member with a polyamide strip.

The ventilation strategy is mix mode. Occupant comfort is achieved by locating openings sashes at lower and higher level in each classroom.

The lower openings are manually operated whilst the higher ones are part of the Building management system. Each classroom is connected to a temperature and CO2 sensor. These regulate internal comfort conditions.
Automatic opening devices are banked in sets of 4, in groups they are connected to control panels in agreed locations which enables them to open in the event of fire.

All framing members incorporate the necessary cabling within cavity of transoms and mullions.

Each classroom is mechanically vented through an integrated louver. The grid system vertical mullions have been modified to allow them run through continuous. To prevent unwanted air and water ingress each has been prepared with appropriate rebated weathering trays. A backing plate with 100mm rigid insulation acts as a thermal barrier. To reduce the risk of thermal bridging each mullion is wrapped on all three sides.

This type of solution typically has a longer lead in but time on site is generally shorter as the cassettes are preglazed.
Cassettes can be made into panels acting as spandrels between floors. The CSO project demonstrates how this might work as overcladding an existing structure.

The following are the Façade Systems suppliers we worked with on this project:

APA Systems

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